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Energy saving waste tire recycling machine

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XKP350/400/450/560 Waste tire recycling machine

Process flows: waste tires--- circle cutting--- strip cutting--- slicing cutting--- magnetic separating--- separation—packaging—put in storage.


Rubber powder processing equipments: This production line is used to make the waste tire or rubber into rubber powder or rubber crumb. It can make both radial tire and bias tire.


Name of equipment

Quantity (set/sets)


Host equipment

Rubber powder machine


Model No.: XKP350  XKP400



Auxiliary machine

Tire Circle cutter


To cut open the joint of the tire’s side and top

Tire Strip cutter


Reserve the wire hoop, cut the ties without sidewalls into strips

Tire Slice cutter


Cut the strips into chunks about 3.5 cubic centimeter

Main vibrating screen


Separate the rubber powder for the first time (5-10 mesh)

Main feeder


To transfer the rubber powder that couldn’t meet the mesh count’s requirement back to host machine to crush again

Grading sifter


Separate the finished product of rubber powder (10-40 mesh)

Magnetic separator


Extract and separate mental wire from the rubber powder


The above equipments constitute the complete set of waste tire rubber processing machine.

Steel wire separator


Special for extract wires in the tire’s circle

Rubber powder grinder


Deep process the rubber powder to 40-100 mesh


Advantages of producing rubber powder with waste rubber

1.      The reclaimed rubber could replace part of the new rubber to make up for shortfall in supply.

2.      It could reduce production cost and improve economic performance of the company.

3.      It is characterized by reducing environmental pollution, turning waste into useful product and having better social benefit.

Application scope of rubber powder

1.      To make production sheet of reclaimed rubber by desulfurization process.

2.      Colorized resilient floor tile.

3.      Waterproof roll, waterproof paint and waterproof sealing materials, etc.

4.      Modified asphalt.

5.      Modified plastics.

6.      Construction of rubberized playgrounds, plastic runway and artificial grass; the application in this area has been doubled and redoubled.

7.      Plugging and wall stabilizing of oil field.

8.      Addition of railway track.

9.      High-grade highway caulking mastic.

10.  Pressing all kinds of soles.

11.  Combining waste rubber powder with waste plastic powder to produce new environmentally friendly TPE (thermoplastic elastomer).

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